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Take a trip on the longest railway in the world across the biggest country in the wold, visit the awe inspiring Red Square, sample the world’s best Caviar and Vodka, welcome to Mother Russia.

Russia is a huge country, (so huge it has 11 time zones!), with varying climate and terrain, so you can enjoy every activity you can imagine, making it an ideal adventure holiday destination.

 Although it’s coasts are in the cold north, water based sports, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, can still be enjoyed on many of Russia’s lakes and inland seas.
The best time to visit Russia for nice weather is April and September, which is the beginning and the end of the main high tourist season, avoiding the tourist crowds in the main high seasons.

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Mingyao Liao

Thanks Thrilio for our surf camp in Portugal! It was really a sick time, so many good memories!

Salinthip Kaewkerd
Bangkok, Thailand

Booked a discovery kitesurf course while being in Spain. It was incredible, I was really surprised. Hope I can continue my course next time!

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