In 2018, These Are The Best Activities in Thailand

When you think Thailand, you probably think yoga retreats, Buddhist monks, Muay Thai boxing and plenty of mouth-watering Thai food. While all of those are uniquely Thai experiences, these are our favourite suggestions for best activities in Thailand.

Diving in Surat Thani

A popular tourist hub in the Gulf of Thailand, the Surat Thani coastline and the surrounding islands are a diving paradise. Home to many coral reefs and various types of marine life, diving here are as impressive as the Andaman Sea. May until October are when tourist arrivals are the busiest and while the waters in the gulf are suitable for diving throughout the year, it is recommended to avoid the month of November when seas are rough

The main island; Ko Samui is home to tourist resorts and makes a great vacation stay. While Ko Tao, Ko Phangan and the Ang Thong National Park are popular diving spots. In Ang Thong diving tours are most common in Koh Yippon and Koh Wao among the national park’s 42 isles. These sites are shallow and are suitable for licensed beginners and intermediate divers. Additionally, turtles, black corals and many types of tropical fish are often spotted here. Another sought-after option is a diving tour of Koh Tao. Dive sites here include Shark Island and Red Rock, while you may come across marine life such as Triggerfish and small reef sharks. If you’d like to go on one of these diving tours but do not hold a licence, why not consider a PADI Scuba diving course in Surat Thani.

Wakeboarding in Phuket

Wakeboarding is one of the best activities in Thailand and has picked up a following in the last few years. A great alternative to traditional water skiing, it is a popular way to enjoy Thailand’s tropical waters and warm weather. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are some places where wakeboarding is a popular sport. Wakeboarding camps, schools and coaches have also sprung up across the country, making it easier to learn this sport. In Phuket, wakeboarding lessons are available at the Phuket Wake Park; an ultimate complex for sportive activities as well as for leisure, fun, and entertainment. Private coaching for wakeboarding is also a popular option in Phuket and includes one on one lesson with an experienced instructor.

Cycling in Chiangmai

Cycling is the best way to explore a destination and Chiang Mai is no exception. The region is a tucked away gem in Southeast Asia and here, cycling is both a way to travel and an adventure sport. Cycling tours through Chiang Mai are sought after as the natural beauty is among the most breathtaking in the country. Explore the picturesque Mae Ngat valley nestled within a mountainous Chiang Mai district. The off-road tour through bamboo forests, paddy fields and village neighbourhoods provide a perfect introduction to the region’s heritage.

For those looking for more adrenaline pumping action, Chiang Mai’s terrain offers you more. Challenge yourself cycling through aggressive trails in the regions lush greenery by taking part in the Enduro Cycling Tour or test your skills on 3 downhill terrains on a full day mountain cycling tour. If you’d like to casually stroll down to one of Chiang Mai’s beautiful lakes but still would like a mountain biking experience, check this out.

Surfing in Phuket

Phuket is Southeast Asia’s surfing hotspot besides Bali and Lombok in Indonesia. The tropical island is an all year round beach destination for the holidaymaker. Conversely, if you’d like to catch a wave, the low season from April to November each year is when the waves swell along with the surfer crowds. Popular surfing sites in Phuket include Bang Tao, Surin, Kamala, Karim and Kata beaches.

Kata Beach is Phuket’s most popular surfing beach and given its fame, expect crowds of both tourists and locals. It is also home to a surfing simulator for those not ready for open waters. For beginners, BangTao beach is the place to be when you are learning to surf. Ideal beach conditions, as well as the low key nature of BangTao, makes it a hub for surf camps. Thrill seekers may want to check out Surin beach where the heavy waves and rough tides create the best surfing conditions. Be prepared, those waves will leave you with that adrenalin pumping action you are looking for.

Kitesurf in Hua Hin

Known as the kitesurfing spot in Thailand, Hua Hin has built a reputation for consistent winds from the Northeast. Ideal weather conditions and growing interest have also attributed to the increase in kitesurfing camps and schools across the region. The main season runs from October to May where winds are consistent. You can, however, kitesurf outside this period, provided there are water and winds. So whether you prefer a mirror flat lagoon or choppy seas, kitesurfing is possible.

In Hua Hin, you can a expect breezy afternoon winds during the main kitesurfing season. If you are looking to pick up the sport, this is also the best time to do so. A range of Kitesurfing lessons and courses are available including this 1-day taster session where you will get a taste for this adventure sport. A 3-day beginner course is also on offer for those looking to master kitesurfing theory and its basics led by an experienced instructor. Additionally, if you are looking to acquire an IKO Kitesurf license, an 8 day kitesurf camp might be the one for you.

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