The World’s Best Kayaking Destinations in 2018

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy some of the best natural sights in the world. It is a fairly versatile sport that can be enjoyed anywhere there is a body of water. So whether it’s paddling down a river deep in the Amazon rainforests or exploring an archipelago of UNESCO heritage islands in the Mediterranean – Kayaking allows you to experience sights best enjoyed from a floating canoe. So what are you waiting for? Pick up those paddles because here are some of our favourite kayaking destinations from around the world.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is an undiscovered mecca of white cliffs, golden beaches and sea caves. Geographically Europe’s southernmost point, the Lagoan beaches are a great place to surf, swim and tan during the warmer months. That same coast is also home to naturally formed grottos, archways and caves. This includes the Ponte de Piedade considered a famous natural landmark in the region. Many of Lagos’s natural wonders like the Ponte de Piedade are only accessible by sea, making kayaking an exciting activity to experience. Paddling away through the Algarve coast also gives you the opportunity to explore hidden beaches. Praia Dona Ana, for example, is Portugal’s most breathtaking beach and is off the beaten path for most tourist. Kayaking will allow you to access this beach easier and have it all to yourself if there aren’t many people around. So what are you waiting for? Rent your own kayak or join one of the many guided kayaking tours in Lagos. These tours run for most of the year from March to October and give you the opportunity to explore Lagos’s natural beauty from the sea.

Cat Ba, Vietnam

Cat Ba island is the beautiful southern portion of the famous Halong Bay. Considered an off the beaten path by many, Cat Ba is also the bay’s biggest island, in a chain of 366 smaller isles. Renown for hot springs, limestone mountains and lush tropical greenery, Cat Ba is also a great kayaking destination. Paddle through the Jurassic era islands and enjoy sceneries only accessible by sea. The archipelago is home to a myriad of stunning archways and the sea caves that follow. Explore hidden lagoons and floating Vietnamese villages as you kayak through the bay’s pristine blue waters. Guided kayaking tours are also popular in Cat Ba where a typical afternoon can consist of paddling from beach to beach at a relaxing pace to multiday adventures exploring remote coves and caverns. Designated as a UNESCO World Reserve, there are also guided tour options to explore the national park by the sea.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia might as well be the Mediterranean’s best-kept kayaking secret. Overlooking the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas, the island boasts clear turquoise waters and pink granite headlands all around. Therefore, a sea kayaking experience is a must and is the perfect way to explore Sardinia in all its glory. There are several kayaking hotspots on the islands mainly the Gulf of Oresei, the coast around the Alghero region and the La Maddalena Archipelago.

Nearly 20 miles of uninterrupted coastlines, makes the Gulf of Oresei a stunning place to discover by kayak. Explore picturesque beaches and giant sea caves backed by steep cliffs as you paddle through the transparent waters. The western Sardinian coasts are also a kayaking treasure trove. These include a well-known nature reserve, the cliffs of Capo Caccia and a 12-mile cave system dubbed the Grotto de Nuttono. Sardinia’s highlight is definitely Palau and the cluster of 7 islands that make up La Maddalena. Discover the bay on one of the guided Kayak tours departing from Palau. The Maddalena Archipelago is also UNESCO Heritage Site, so expect to see the islands in its most natural state, as well dolphins every now and then too.

Manaus, Brazil

Manaus is your ticket to the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, the Brazilian Amazon. Whether you are hiking, going on a 4 wheel, boat trip or kayaking tour, Manaus is your starting point. This region is also where the Negro and the muddy Solimoes rivers cross paths, as well as a meeting point for many other narrow tributaries and remote rivers. This makes adventures by water around the Manaus region an exciting one.

Kayaking tours take place all year round thanks to the tropical weather although watersports may not be frequent during the monsoon season. Kayaking tours can also last anywhere between a day trip to a month-long expedition spanning thousands of kilometres here. For example, the Negro river is a popular option for tours longer than a week. You expect to kayak over 1000 kilometres from Manaus to Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira. This tour alone takes up to 30 days. If you are considering a fairly leisurely tour, this 5-day kayaking trip north of Manaus is an excellent idea. Paddling downstream, you will come across lush rainforests and its curious wildlife. The kayaking route is also filled with beautiful waterfalls with opportunities to take a dip and go fishing too.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Just 3 hours outside Kathmandu, Trisuli is famous for its white water kayaking activities. Suitable for those on short trips, kayaking activities can be done anywhere between 1 to 3 days depending on the distance you would like to kayak. Enjoy the Trisuli river’s beautiful scenery of small gorges, Hindu temples perched on hilltop peaks and cable cars moving above. All without compromising the overall peaceful nature of the tour. The route downstream is fairly straightforward and has really exciting rapids for you to experience. During the monsoon months, rainfall increases the intensity of rapids, attracting a range of skilled and experienced kayakers as well as rafters. To enjoy kayaking in Trisuli at its best, the months between September to December and March to June are highly recommended especially if you’d like to experience beginner kayaking lessons.

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