Top 5 Thrilling Destinations To Go Cycling in 2018

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore a destination. It allows you to visit places that may be inaccessible to larger vehicles or takes simply too long on foot. These are some of our favourite destinations to go on a cycling tour in 2018. Pedal through your next adventure holiday, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is the tourist heartland of Peru. It is a popular destination for day trips, hikes and cycling tours and the perfect base to explore Cusco. These include the city’s natural surroundings, Spanish and Inca influenced architecture and the ruins of the former Inca empire. If you are just getting warmed up consider exploring Cusco and its surrounding areas first. A half day cycling trip in the city of Cusco will take you through the city’s neighbourhoods, popular markets and beautiful temples. Want to go further? Then a cycling trip through Cusco’s surrounding areas is a must. This includes exploring Sacasthuaman and Pukapucara, as well as detours to traditional villages, sacred sites and scenic viewpoints. History buffs can go on an Incan trail cycling tour which takes you on a journey of exploring the hidden secrets of the former Incan empire. Those feeling a little more adventurous can also opt for the full day cycling trips of the Cusco countryside or cycling tours high up in the Andes mountains.

Barcelona, Spain

The summer capital of Europe, Barcelona is a hive of tourist activity when the temperatures rise. During the summer months, its beaches are filled with eager sunbathers, music festival enthusiasts and foodies looking for a taste of Catalonian paella and Sangria. The city’s main roads and public transportation also see a surge of heavy traffic – with cycling sought after during this period. A popular option is bike sharing apps like Donkey Republic if you are looking to explore the inner city. If however, a guided cycling tour is something you prefer, then perhaps opt for cycling tour around the hills of Barcelona. This tour takes you up to several peaks around the city including Tibidabo mountain. Once up you’ll enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona 500 meters above sea level.

Bali, Indonesia

Considered a tropical paradise, you may know Bali for sun, sea and surf. More recently, its acres of lush rainforest, miles of picturesque coastlines and quiet roads have been making cycling a popular activity to see the island up close. Bali’s terrain is such that larger vehicles may find the island’s more remote areas inaccessible. As such, renting a bicycle is a popular alternative but perhaps you may want to choose from one of many cycling tours that are available across the island. These cycling tours will be accompanied by experienced local guides who are well versed with the island. Therefore, not only is it an easier way of getting around Bali but will also allow you to see and get to places less frequently visited by other tourists, giving you a more authentic Balinese experience. Popular cycling tours will take you through points of interest on Bali such as the Tegallang rice terraces and panoramic views of Mount Batur. These cycling tours also often include visits to the local temples, villages, hidden beaches and traditional home cooked Balinese meals.

Ljubljana, Slovakia

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia is perhaps the most unassuming destination on our list. Nestled among the countries of Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Austria – this tiny nation is in the limelight for good reason. Voted as one of Europe’s greenest capitals, it is also an emerging destination for cyclists on that continent. Bicycle lanes are present all across the city and take you past the city’s best attractions including the Tivoli Park, Botanical Gardens and the pristine embankments of the river Ljubljanica. Guided cycling tours are also available in Ljubljana but if an adventure is what you are after, this guided cycling tour also takes you into the forests on the eastern outskirts of the city. There you will ride the best trails in Ljubljana including some prime singletracks shaped by the local mountain biking groups.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bordered by lush forestation and mountains on either side, Chiang Mai is a hidden gem in Southeast Asia. Over the years, the city developed a thriving cycling culture, both as transportation and adventure travel sport. If pedalling through Chiang Mai’s culture and heritage is your palate, there are many cycling tours to opt for. However, it is those cycling tours through Chiang Mai’s natural beauty that is breathtaking. For starters, spend the day exploring the picturesque valley nestled within Mae Tang district on a guided cycling tour. This takes you through rice paddy fields, bamboo forests and village neighbourhoods. Taking it a notch higher? Get your adrenaline pumping in this downhill cycling tour where you will be able to tackle 3 downhill runs on this full day tour.

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