About Thrilio

Thrilio is a one stop shop platform for adventure holidays, tours and sports. We are making it better and easier to plan, book and experience your next getaway all in one place.
We do this by bridging the gap between our providers and consumers thus providing the best holiday experience. This marked the birth of Thrilio. A coming together of adventure holiday providers from every niche with modern, creative, millennial consumers looking for innovative ways to make their next adventure getaway a memorable one.
Thrilio’s core mission stems from personal experiences planning our own adventure holidays.

We make it better by solving platform maintenance issues for holiday providers and streamlining the booking process for consumers.

This way, we empower holiday providers regardless of their location, size or the type of activity offered and help our consumers find the best adventure holiday offers - guaranteeing value for money activities, authentic experiences and a satisfying holiday all around.

Our founder Artem became a passionate wake and surf boarder while living in Phuket, Thailand.

Throughout his 4 years on the island, there were many surf and wakeboard instructors but he noticed many of them struggled to find new students. So an idea struck him, what if there was a website that connected eager students to experienced coaches?

Inspired by his lightbulb moment, Artem did some research online and immediately noticed the lack of websites dedicated to this. So being a developer, he built one! The original concept was called gameofshred.com and launched in mid 2017.

After the website was completed, Artem worked on getting the local coaches and schools on board and they loved the idea.

However, as more providers signed up it became apparent that the spectrum of adventure sports extended beyond just coaching and lessons. The local activity providers also wanted to list their other tours, such as hiking, climbing, rafting and ATV.

Through this, Artem realised there was more he could offer to fill this gap - a booking platform for adventure activities. A team was soon recruited to help with the vision, a designer, a marketer and content creator. Once this took place a newly designed platform and website was launched, thrilio.com coming early 2018.

Meet the team

Artem Ibragimov

FullStack engineer

Software engineer with 7 years of experience in creating solutions for international companies. Master of computer science.

Daniel Thomas

Content manager

Experienced creative copywriter and content manager with a demonstrated history of working in the tech space.

Maximilian Peters

Marketing Manager

10 years of experience working in Marketing and advertising, both agency side as well as in house as Regional SEO Manager for Lazada.

Kate Watson

UX/UI Designer

Many years of experience working in the industry of User experience and User Interface Design

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